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Best Keyboard for Typing All Day

Is typing your hobby or job? Do you have to type consistently for hours? Are you tired of using your old problematic keyboard? Are you looking for the best keyboard for typing all day? Just got down to the right place. Choosing the most comfortable keyboard for typing is quite a challenge. We always want a keyboard that doesn’t have any harmful effect on our physical health and is easy to use as well. So, here we have come up with the seven best keyboards that you must look at for 2021. These keyboards also include the best keyboard for wrist pain. Read below to know more about these keyboards.

Benefits to ergonomic keyboards

Ergonomic keyboards are the top choice of many users because of multiple reasons. Some of these reasons are:

Easy to use

The ergonomic keyboards are built in such a way that they make typing an easy task. The best thing about using these keyboards is that you can easily type for hours without putting any strain on your muscles when using these keyboards.

Various designs

Ergonomic keyboards come in various designs that are suitable for different people. You have a good variety of designs while choosing an ergonomic keyboard that matches that ranges from simple to classy keyboards

Different sizes

Another great thing about ergonomic keyboards is that they come in various sizes. This makes them user-friendly and can be used easily by both kids and adults. Moreover, an ergonomic keyboard is the best keyboard for wrist pain.

1. Logitech Ergo K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard with Wrist Rest – Split Keyboard Layout for Windows/Mac, Bluetooth or USB Connectivity


ConnectionWireless (USB or Bluetooth)
Palm RestMultilayer
FrameSplit, curved keyframe
Customized Keys Yes
PowerUp to 24 months/2AAA batteries
CompatibilityWindows, macOS, Chrome OS, iOS, Android compatible.

Why do we like it?

  • Adjustable palm lift for easy wrist position is enjoyable for all.
  • Scooped keys best for your fingers comfort.


Are you interested in buying the best and most comfortable keyboard? If you are a typing lover, this keyboard is surely a good option for you.


This keyboard is the best in terms of providing comfort to the user. The sloping keys present in this keyboard decrease the muscle stress up to much extent. 

Easy to use

The scooped keys in this keyboard are easy to use by anyone. These keys allow the user to type easily in less time as they perfectly fit your fingers.

Adjustable palm lift

The best thing about using this keyboard is that it provides you with the adjustable palm lift option. Whether you are using this keyboard while sitting or standing, you won’t have to face any sort of discomfort ever. 

  • It reduces wrist bending by 25%.
  • Three distinct comfort layers which make it most comfortable keyboard for typing.
  • Rechargeable feature not available.
  • Higher cost

2. Perixx PERIBOARD-512 Ergonomic Split Keyboard – Natural Ergonomic Design – Black – Bulky Size 19.09″x9.29″x1.73″


ConnectionWired cable (USB)
Number of Keyboard Keys104
Colors Black and white
Cable length6.0 ft

Why do we like it?

  • Integrated palm rest design which provides great comfort to the user.
  • Split and smart keys are simple and easy to operate.


Are you looking for a keyboard that is comfortable and easy to use? End your searches as this keyboard includes many amazing features. 

Durable laser printing

This feature allows the keys to last longer and presents great quality. If you are a person who wants a keyboard for everyday ergonomic typing position, the Perixx PERIBOARD 512 Ergonomic split keyboard is the best option for you.

Seven multi-media hotkeys

 Easy multimedia access is another great feature of this keyboard. One can easily switch to different scenarios using this keyboard. One can simply use the mute, volume up down, sleep mode, and other functions.

Integrated palm rest

To provide the users with natural typing, this product constitutes the split design feature. It also reduces the pressure on the user’s arms and shoulders. This design helps the Repetitive Strain Injuries patients stay protected from muscle stress and pain.

Cable length 

The 6.0 feet cable is an appropriate length of cable that you can connect with your computer device. So, whether you want to place it on the desk or under the desk, you won’t face any issues while operating the device.

Ergonomic full-size split-key design

Moreover, the curved surface of the keys allows every finger to easily fit in the keypad. You will also find the tactile keystroke option for easy usage.

  • Friendly keyboard for Repetitive Strain Injuries patients.
  • Plug and Play feature doesn’t require any special driver for the media keys to work.
  • It doesn’t come with any protective cover.
  • No option for programmable keys.

3. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business (5KV-00001)


Wireless Connectivity2.4 GHz RF
Number of Keyboard Keys107
Dimensions 22.9 x 40.6 x 6.3 centimeters
Battery2AAA batteries required

Why do we like it?

  • It has a natural arc key layout to provide comfort to your fingers while typing.
  • Cushioned palm rest for providing rest to your palm.


Are you searching for the best keyboard in 2021 that allows you easy typing all day? You can end your searches as this keyboard is a nice choice.

Provides comfort

If you want to buy such a keyboard that provides full comfort to the user, you must consider this one in mind. This domed keyboard design for relaxing the wrist position. This way, it provides a relaxing position to the wrist so that the user can operate it easily. Even if you want to type something for a longer period, you can use this keyboard.

Natural key layout

The natural key layout completely goes with the curved shape of your fingertips. This feature allows you to operate the device easily for a longer time. Also, the manufacturer takes care of your wrist position. The reverse tilt option allows the keyboard to provide the user with a neutral and comfortable wrist position.

Appropriate size

We all prefer devices that provide good features but take less space in our home. However, many people find it very hard to find a keyboard that is small in size. You don’t have to worry now as this device comes in a super appropriate size that can fit easily on your desk.

  • Size of this keyboard is rather small and it’s easy to fit to anywhere.
  • Very quiet compared to other keyboards.
  • The keyboard keys are not backlit.

4. Microsoft 3RA-00022 Surface Ergonomic Keyboard


CompatibilitySurface Pro 4, Surface Book, Surface Studio
Wireless frequency2.400 MHz to 2483.5 MHz
Wireless range 32 feet
InterfaceBluetooth Low Energy compatible 4.0/4.1
Dimensions46 x 22.9 x 3.5 centimeters
Batteries2AA batteries included

Why do we like it?

  • Provides compatibility with the Surface Pro 4, surface book and surface studio.
  • Smooth buttons that are easy to operate and make it the best for ergonomic typing position.


Easy to use

Even if you are new to typing, you will love using this keyboard. The keys are soft and allow you to operate this keyboard easily for typing all day. You can keep this product with you for several years without visiting the repairer.

Supportive design

This device constitutes an ultra-durable layer made up of the Alcantara material. This ensures providing support and comfort to the operator’s wrist. The supportive design for this keyboard is made for individuals whose work involves typing all day.

Fast typing

The design and construction of this product allow the user to type faster and much easier. The keyboard’s geometry with naturally arched shape allows the keys to fit easily under the fingertips.


This device requires a Windows 10 operating system. It operates with a Bluetooth smart ready device supported by the Human Interface Device.

  • Double cushioned palm rest option.
  • Wireless range of this keyboard up to 32 feet.
  • Windows 10 PC is must required.
  • Doesn’t come with a dongle, so one will have to buy it separately if required.

5. Microsoft LXM-00001 Ergonomic Keyboard


Dimensions26.2 x 6.1 x 48.8 centimeters
Number of Keyboard Keys126
Color Black
Operating systemWindows 8.1, Windows 10
Keyboard typeQWERTY
Number of keys126

Why do we like it?

  • Ergonomist approved design is best for all typing lovers in 2021.
  • Slim and smart design is not just attractive but also comfortable to use.


Exclusive design

This product is an absolute example of total comfort. You can work all day long in your office or your home. The risk of fatigue and injury is much less because this design is exclusively from an Ergonomist.

Arm resting cushion

Since the product is an exclusive design, there is an exceptional palm cushion covered with dividend fabric which enables the neutral posture of the whole arm and wrist. When you are typing all day, this keyboard will help reduce that stress on your arm and wrist.

Shortcut keys.

Easy access to shortcuts for emojis, Office 365 and media controls.

Reliable speed.

Designed for much work, with reliable speed and accuracy.

The keyboard software installation is also provided. This special design of Microsoft Accessories is to give power to all of the Workers of Microsoft and others. Now you can work all day with this exclusively designed Microsoft ergonomic keyboard to eliminate fatigue and arm stiffness. 

This keyboard has a slim and refined design with a slash keyboard and exclusive cushion for palm rest. Not only that, it saves your precious time with an integrated number pad and short keys. The design is wired for a lasting speed and the accuracy over the long hours of working.

  • Comes with built-in shortcuts, emojis, and various other amazing features.
  • Super affordable.
  • Does not provide the backlighting feature.

6. Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard (KB600)


Dimensions46.7 x 27.2 x 10.4 centimeters
ColorBlack and cherry brown
Operating system Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome
SpecialDriverless smart engine

Why do we like it?

  • Contoured ergonomic shape provides comfort to the operator.
  • Adhesive palm pads come with the device.


Are you looking for a comfortable keyboard with a contoured design and maximum comfort? Now your search will be over because this product is here. The ergonomic design of this keyboard is one that we can rank as the best keyboard for typing all day.

Contoured shaped.

You can increase your productivity to the maximum within your comfort zone through this exclusive contoured design which has concave split key wells, thumb keys,20 degrees of tenting orthogonal layout and integral Palm support with foamed Palm pads.

Quality typing

The Cherry MX brown mechanical buttons allow us to have a low activation force, the feedback is tactical, and this is rated among half-million button presses for unmatched durability The function RO features new Cherry ML mechanical switches.

Onboard program of the driverless smartest engine.

The layout is quite unique with Qwerty or Dvorak, and there is a fly macro recording, khira mapping through one-touch three modes of Windows Mac and PC you can save the keyboard setting with 4 Mb flash memory and the smartest app GUI for the windows.

The plug and play with all important operating systems. You can plug with Windows 7 to 10, Mac OS x, Linux and chrome.

Accessories with it.

You don’t have only a keyboard, and you will have four Mac or PC keycaps, a Keycap Puller, sticking Palm pads and a quick guide to start.

  • Product comes with a quick set up and usage guide.
  • 20 degree tenting features reduces forearm pronation.
  • Device is preferable for professionals to operate.
  • Expensive compared to other ergonomic keyboards.

7. Microsoft L5V-00002 Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Bluetrack Desktop – Keyboard and Mouse (English), Black


Dimensions46.7 x 27.2 x 10.4 centimeters170.2 x 709 x 1394 centimeters
Batteries Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome
Special4-way scroll wheel

Why do we like it?

  • The keyboard has an attractive design.
  • Separate number pad provides more comfort to the user.


Looking for an exclusive wireless design of a keyboard and mouse, then your search is over. Now. Microsoft L5V-00002 is here with a sculpted and wireless design.

Keyboard design

There is a split keyset unique design which helps to adjust the raised and hands in a very natural and relaxed position to work efficiently.

Cushions for palm rest

There are separate pads provided for the rest for the palms and hands and support for the neutral position of the hands.

Greater flexibility

The different number pad gives the high flexibility e for the setup of the workstation with maximum efficiency.

Natural Arc keys

 There are natural art keys which mimic the curved shape of fingers and back button for faster navigations.

Mouse features

 The mouse design is also to help to maintain the correct ergonomic hand and wrist position. There is an exclusive button for windows to have one-touch access. The mouse also has four days scroll wheels for navigation up down left and right always. The functional temperature is also optimal.

  • Natural arc keyboard layout feature makes it suitable for your fingers to adjust.
  • Reverse tilt design is a good thing for your neutral arm and wrist position.
  • Wrist rest is non-detachable.
  • Thumb placement is only designed for right-hand users.


What is the best ergonomic keyboard?

The Kinesis Advantage Ergonomic Keyboard is the best keyboard in 2021 from many aspects. It is a little costly, but all the features you will avail are worth the price. The features include good wrist and palm support for the user and easy to operate switches.

Are mechanical keyboards better for typing?

Yes, the mechanical keyboards are better for typing. Using a mechanical keyboard, you don’t have to fully press the button. Because of this thing, you are able to type faster and with greater ease.

Do ergonomic keyboards work?

Yes, the ergonomic keyboards definitely work. These are preferable for people who are facing typing injuries or for those who want to stay protected from such injuries.

How do I choose a good keyboard?

While choosing a good keyboard in 2021, you need to consider the pricing, switches, speed, and compatibility. Also, don’t forget to buy a keyboard with the appropriate weight and size.

What is the main difference between standard and ergonomic keyboard?

The main difference between the standard and ergonomic keyboard is that ergonomic keyboard is more comfortable to use. And the left and right-handed keys are separated.


After reviewing all these products, there are two top products according to me. One is the Logitech Ergo K680 Ergonomic keyboard and the second one is the Kinesis Advantage Ergonomic keyboard. The design of both the keyboards is not just attractive but is super comfortable to use. Both the keyboards allow palm and wrist are resting features to the user. But the best one is the Kinesis Advantage Ergonomic keyboard

The reason for choosing this keyboard as the best keyboard for typing all day is that it requires less force to operate. Also, the good thing is that it supports Mac, Windows, Chrome, and Linux. The user is allowed to save customized settings for operating this keyboard. One thing is that it is a little costly, but the money is definitely worth spending. So, if you want to buy the best keyboard for typing all day, go for the Kinesis Advantage Ergonomic Keyboard.

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