Have you been staying at home more often during the COVID-19 pandemic? Spending that extra time you have on computer games? Here are some of the best gaming monitor under 200 dollars that can help you enjoy the full gaming experience as well as taking it to the next level! Read until the end to find out our recommendation about the best cheap gaming monitor under $200.

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1. Samsung LS24T350FHNXZA 24-inch LED Monitor

Samsung LS24T350FHNXZA 24-inch LED Monitor
Samsung LS24T350FHNXZA 24-inch LED Monitor


The Samsung T350 is a great monitor with a unique design and attractive display. It is the best gaming monitor under 200, and you can buy it if you have a great fondness for gaming. The price is reasonable, and the features are enough to count this monitor in the best monitors. So if you want to buy the best gaming monitor under 200, then this is your monitor.

It provides you the opportunity to see it from any angle or sitting anywhere in the room. It gives you a one to all clarity from its every inch. Thanks to its best viewing angles.

Additionally, a great feature you must count on is its FreeSync functionality. You can enjoy and get amused with all of your favorite videos without any tearing of pictures or drawings you want to see.

The monitor is considered to be ideal for gamers because of its more gaming facilities and features. You can do customized game settings on your PC and call it the best PC gaming monitor under 200. When on the game mode, it gives you full detailed, enjoyable game graphics. Therefore, it is a promising best cheap gaming monitor under 200.

Optimum pictures with clear color contrast can be seen using this monitor.

Features and Highlights

This monitor’s outstanding features start with a three-sided borderless display that is too smart enchanting to see and organized to keep your desk area clean and tidy. Secondly, AMD Radeon Sync maintains your monitor in sync with the computer to avoid tearing pictures and distortions in movies.

The refreshing rate is 75HZ, keeping your monitors generate fluid videos and smooth scenes with less dullness as it is a great gaming monitor under 200.

24-inch display size is a standard size that is neither too big to be unable to handle not too small.

Display technology is LCD, and display resolution is 1920 × 1080 pixels.

  • Provided with a colorless unique border design
  • Affordable
  • No tilting option
  • Not as secure

2. Acer SB230 BBix 23-inch Full HD Gaming Monitor


Acer SB230 BBix 23-inch Full HD Gaming Monitor
Acer SB230 BBix 23-inch Full HD Gaming Monitor


If you require an additional monitor for your projects or gaming, then Acer SB230 is the perfect fit for you. It is a full HD monitor with high resolution that keeps you playing games all day on your monitor. As it is the best gaming monitor under 200, it can satisfy a gamer completely both in terms of money and attributes. The frame rate of gamers is determined through AMD Radeon Sync. Users of this monitor can enjoy and get a kick out of high-quality videos. Furthermore, you play the games like a pro on this best PC gaming monitor under 200. It is easy to operate and lighter in weight.

Features and Highlights

All the features are useful, and the price is significantly less. It means it is a handy monitor that everyone should buy. It has a great response time of 1ms DRBwith a full HD screen display allowing the gamers to play games even for the whole night without disturbing and distortion.

If we talk about the design, then the supermodel of Acer is designed very elegantly to give it a smart attracting look that is perfect for best gaming monitor under 200. The size is standard, and due to its sleek nature, it can fit into any space or place. The pattern of concentric circles is a charm indeed.

The price of this monitor is too less compared to its features, so you may call it the best monitor for gaming under 200 or a gaming monitor under 200

The display resolution is FHD 1080 pixels, and the technology used is LCD.

Several eye-protecting technologies are conformed within this advanced monitor to protect your eyes from harmful rays. An anti-glare screen coating is provided along with a refreshing rate of 750 Hz in parallel.

  • Graphics are excellent
  • Portable and lighter in weight
  • Screen size is apt for gaming
  • It doesn’t have speakers

3. Acer R240HY BIDX 23.8-Inch IPS Gaming Monitor


Acer R240HY BIDX 23.8-Inch IPS Gaming Monitor
Acer R240HY BIDX 23.8-Inch IPS Gaming Monitor


Acer R240HY is an advanced monitor that is fully loaded up with Acer’s innovative Flicker-less high demand technology. This technology is considered mandatory for monitors nowadays because the screen time of people of the modern era has increased a lot more and everyone needs an eyes protection feature in their gadgets and system. So this technology makes it worthwhile. Most of the gamers consider it the best monitor for gaming under 200

This IPS monitor’s outstanding features are not yet finished. It is a high resolution providing monitor that delivers a highly reliable distortion less picture blended with the great snappiness of avant-garde TN panel.

Now come to its design and look. So believe me, it’s designed by keeping many good factors in mind, including stylish look, modern features, and less space-consuming, making it the best gaming monitor under 200.  Also, its size is regular, and it’s lighter in weight to carry it the way you want.

The stand is durable and allows you to tilt it at any angle. You can tild it at an angle ranging from 5 to 15 degrees.

Features and Highlights

The Acer’s IPS panel is encased in a bezel-free durable plastic casing combined with a ring stand that allows you to tilt it in your desired direction.

Further, this advanced panel is provided with a highly HD display resolution of 1920× 1080 pixels combined with a 16:9 aspect ratio. This monitor can see detailed pictures, videos, and graphics of games, ultimately compelling it to a good gaming monitor under 200.

The price is very reasonable and affordable, so ultimately, it is the best gaming monitor under 200.

It features a reasonably standard default refresh rate of 60 Hz. It can also be overlooked up to 75 Hz, and that is, in general, a plus for movie and gaming enthusiasts. The input lag value is 9.6ms, which is suitably low according to its price.

  • Excellent response time and refreshing rate
  • Relatively low input lag
  • Affordable
  • Does not come with the HDMI cable
  • No indicators along with menu buttons

4. AOPEN 24HCIQR Pbidpx 23.6-inch Monitor


AOPEN 24HCIQR Pbidpx 23.6-inch Monitor
AOPEN 24HCIQR Pbidpx 23.6-inch Monitor


How about going and swooping deeper into tremendous colors and excellent graphics of the game. This supreme AOPEN 24HCIQR will help you do so by its high resolution of FDH 1080 pixels. This fantastic gaming monitor under 200 offers crisp images along with authentic colors of life. It is very affordable and is enriched with useful features for a professional gamer like you. You can enjoy a high-quality cinema just by sitting on your lounge’s couch.

A fantastic feature that you would precisely love is that it is featured with double eye protection technologies. The first one is BlueShield technology, the blue effect of which refrain your eyes from any staining and harm. The second one is Flicker-less technology that eliminates the risk of eye infections and permanent damage.So this gaming monitor under 200 is truly a pro. Its FHD display allows you to dive deeper into the digital world of gaming.

Features and Highlights

This incredibly worthwhile monitor has a 23.6 inches display size along with dimensions of 54.6 × 19.4× 40.4. The design is an exquisite combination of a smart look and a glossy black durable case.

Thanks to its high resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels that makes you experience a theatre-quality video or movie at your home or anywhere you want.

It’s portable and compact and can be transported even at outdoor sites to use for camping.

Also, you can have an ultra-smooth and flawless gameplay without any pixel tearing and ghosting and it is possible with the 144 Hz refreshing rate. You can play games on it the whole day because this is the best gaming monitor under 200.

Further, a great response time of 4ms also significantly increases this monitor’s worth.

Furthermore, the contrast ratio of 100 million:1 is unique, allowing you to have an in-depth detail and clarity of colors while gaming or watching any video for entertainment. Yet, a curved display of 1800 R helps you protect yourself from harmful rays.

  • 1800 R curved display.
  • Double-eye protection
  • Lower input lag
  • A little bit of motion-blur was experienced by some users
  • No built-in speakers

5. Acer KG271 27” Full HD Gaming Monitor


Acer KG271 27” Full HD Gaming monitor
Acer KG271 27” Full HD Gaming monitor


This versatile monitor developed in Canada by the Acers brand is a perfect choice for a gamer. By using this amazingly featured monitor, you can bring your gaming career to the next competitive level. Just the features alone, we ranked it as one of the best gaming monitor under 200. Its full HD resolution can keep your gameplay smooth and flawless without any pixel tearing.

It has a low dimming bright display with flicker-less feature induced, allowing you to enjoy detailed gaming without any interruption.

Adding to its specs, it has a beautiful sleek design that can save a lot of space on your desk, letting you accommodate multiple monitors and items at the same desk.

These great features make this monitor a worth buying monitor for all of the gameplay lovers because it is the best monitor for gaming under 200.

Features and Highlights

The Acer KG271 has multiple advanced features and specs uniquely designed just for it. Let’s discuss them one by one.

It has a high-resolution display that is FHD 1080 pixel that makes you feel like a scene that is present originally there. You can have a fun time enjoying crisp images and clear video-plays.

Moreover, it has a regular size of 27 inches suitable for both bedroom use or office use. The Acer KG271 has the TN type panel which is among the best of three-panel types for gaming monitors because this is the best gaming monitor under 200.

Multiple inputs are available for your ease, comprising2 ×HDMI, and one ×VGA.

The monitor has the AMD FreeSync Technology that automatically syncs your display’s framerate to a video card.

  • Featured with AMD FreeSync technology
  • Multiple input ports available
  • HD resolution
  • The sharpness slider is missing to adjust the brightness

6. Sceptre E248W-19203R 24” Ultra-thin Monitor

Sceptre E248W-19203R 24” Ultra-thin Monitor
Sceptre E248W-19203R 24” Ultra-thin Monitor


Suppose you want to buy an affordable replacement for your gaming monitor, or you want to multiply it with another low-cost gaming monitor. In that case, the Sceptre E248W is the best gaming monitor under 200 made especially for you. Many things set this monitor separate and aside from other gaming monitors. This is easy to buy and easy to set monitor with incredible vital features.

It is provided with an automated power on and switching feature praised by many buyers and gamers. Yet, the visuals are excellent, and the display is quite apparent. The input, as well as output audio sources, are both wonderfully unique. You just need to have a headphone plugged in to enjoy your favorite music at your favorite volume.

Features and Highlights

Sceptre E248W is beautifully featured with multiple advanced features and components. The 24 inches size is just perfect for gameplay and other various purposes. The screen display has a high resolution of 1920×1080 Pixels, making you safe from any irritation of tearing and stuttering pixels.

It is designed on a sleek metallic pattern giving it a smart and modern look. The weight of this unit is incredibly less. You can port or fix it in any corner of your house or workplace.

Other man specs include a strong, durable, and tilt-able stand. 75 Hz refreshing rate is another exciting feature that provides you with a faster and smoother image change without ghosting. This, you can call it the best gaming monitor under 200.

  • Run incredibly smooth
  • Affordable
  • Large screen size with high resolution
  • HMDI input is a bit difficult to get it to work

7. BENQ 24-inch 1080p GL2480 Gaming Monitor

BENQ 24-inch 1080p GL2480 Gaming Monitor
BENQ 24-inch 1080p GL2480 Gaming Monitor


Either you are a movie lover or a big gamer BENQ 24 INCH 1080 MONITOR fits perfectly in both of your needs. The beautiful and simple design of this monitor will charm you at a glance.

This monitor is a blend of two advanced technologies that are IPS and LED, giving a high level of enjoyment to the user. These features are is excellent for gamers with its high-resolution display and crisp graphics.

It is a perfect monitor for both price and features. Not to mention, it is handy to operate and set up. You can port it with yourself anywhere you want to. Additionally, a stand is also provided to make it mounted and easy to tilt.

Features and Highlights

Almost all of the buyers are much happy with its features. So lets out some light on them. First, if we talk about the design, then it is designed very amazingly stylish. Not only the looks, but this elegant design also helps in boosting the productivity of this best gaming monitor under 200.

Accessories that come along with this monitor, including a stand, are highly customizable which will allow you to set whatever height that suits you best. Also, you can change its direction or angle to the way that best suits you.

Coming next, the visualization is excellent, with a high resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels.

This monitor is provided with the highest eye care protection using two different technologies. Low blue light and flicker-free technology make it the safest monitor. Low blue light filters harmful rays and flicker-less technology ensures safety from harmful flicker. Both of these advancements are there to make your eyes safe from infection, pain, or may kind of other diseases.

1ms response time makes it an ideal monitor for gaming. The dimension of this monitor is perfect for a wall mount.

  • Provided with dual eye-protection technologies
  • Color weakness mode
  • Brightness Intelligence technology
  • Poor uniformity

8. AOPEN 24HC1QR 23.6-inch Curved 1080p Monitor

AOPEN 24HC1QR 23.6-inch Curved 1080p Monitor
AOPEN 24HC1QR 23.6-inch Curved 1080p Monitor


AOPEN 25 MXI bio 24-inch Full HD monitor is ideal and outstanding for gaming and shooting purposes. It provides true-to-life, crisp and sharp images, and vivid videos. It is the best monitor for gaming 200 because game graphics also appear to be quite detailed and motion free. This advanced technology has varied viewing angles that allow you to show your work to your friends and family sitting behind or beside you.

This best monitor for gaming under 200 allows you to enjoy full-time entertainment.

This versatile monitor is perfect in its size, advanced features, and multiple operating options. Easy to read and follow user’s guide is provided with this monitor to get your monitor started.

This laptop has been purchased by many gamers because this is the best monitor for gaming.

Features and Highlights

The central feature of this best PC gaming monitor under 200is its screen resolution. This 24MXI is featured with a high screen resolution of 1920 × 1080. Widescreen TN display allows you to view a clear, lifelike picture and videos in detail.

The eye protection technology provided in it offers complete protection to your eyes from dangerous rays that may lead to permanent damage to your eyes. These technologies are referred to as blue light filters and Flicker-less technology.

It is provided with a faster response time of 1ms, offering you comfort from getting irritated with prolonged delays. The refreshing time of this best gaming monitor under 200 is also incredibly good at 75 Hz

HDMI Ports and VGA port are undoubtedly a plus.

The viewing angle is wider that lets you share your screen with your friends and colleagues.

  • Excellent refresh rate and response time
  • The brightness level is great
  • Two HDMI ports
  • VGA connection is poor

9. BenQ GW2480 24-inch IPS 1080p Ultra-slim Monitor

BenQ GW2480 24-inch IPS 1080p Ultra-slim Monitor
BenQ GW2480 24-inch IPS 1080p Ultra-slim Monitor


BenQ GW2480 has a simple but yet attractive design to it. It is a frameless monitor that integrates ultra-slim bezels with advanced hidden cable feature. Like other monitors, it is it is very affordable and also enriched in components that will fit your gaming needs.

It has the Bright Intelligence Technology that provides impressive details in frequent lighting habitat. Further, it gives its users a new high level of audio and video enjoyment with correct colors, good brightness, comparatively high contrast, and sharper visuals. You may also refer to it as the best gaming monitor under 200.

Features and Highlights

Its key features are stunning. Just have a look at them.

It has the unique feature of an invisible cable management system. With this system, you can hide all the wires inside the monitor very decently. The system is excellent to keep an organized environment.

The LCD screen is 23.8 inches in size, looks decent, lighter in weight, easily transportable. The screen resolution provided is 1920 × 1080 pixels delivers a very high-quality video, this high-resolution display leaves its users in wonder.

The material and texture are extraordinary and reliable. Its carbon fiber design and smooth and shiny surface help it stay durable and long-lasting, ultimately resists scratches.

Furthermore, this best PC gaming monitor under 200 delivers an astonishing panel that provides excellent visualization with ultra-slim bezels. It can be used for any workplace or use at home.

This best PC gaming monitor under 200 is also provided with flicker less and lower blue light technology, eradicating the risk of eye fatigue and painful infections, making it the best gaming monitor under 200.

Brightness intelligent technology operates your screen brightness and maintains it up to a considerably right level. The color contrast level is also great.

More features include a voltage rating of 100-240 volts and an image contrast ratio of 1000:1

  • Elegant design
  • Great for gaming
  • Better color gamut
  • Stunning HD display
  • Not very sharp
  • Pixel tearing

10. Samsung LS24R350FHNXZA 24″ LED Monitor 75Hz

Samsung LS24R350FHNXZA 24" LED Monitor 75Hz
Samsung LS24R350FHNXZA 24″ LED Monitor 75Hz


Samsung is a reliable South Korean Multi-national company offering the development of a vast range of devices, gadgets, and electronics. This 24 inches Samsung LS24R350FHNXZA super monitor is also a product of Samsung.

Several modes are to adjust and modify, involving eye protection mode, game mode, and normal mode. The size is just perfect for multiple usages. It’s up to you that either you use it as a laptop, an LCD, or a monitor. Do you want to know that is this monitor good for gaming? So yes, it is the best gaming monitor under 200. In short, it is a multiple purpose monitor that can b used for both gaming and doing business-related chores. You can also use it for office or business work or simple freelancing.

Features and Highlights

Its features are truly unique. A 3 sided Bezel-less screen is featured, offering a vast range of viewing angles. Dual monitor set up is also provided by this best gaming monitor under 200.

This is a super-duper monitor for gaming purposes. The Samsung LS22R350 adapts any of your games to a full and detailed size filling your screen and optimizes the best color contrast for a good gaming experience for the user.

It is a 24-inch Gaming monitor provided with an exact resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels hence the best monitor for gaming under 200. The package comes with suitable accessories, including an HDMI cable, a user’s manual, and a wall-mount stand.

Its design is unique, modern, and sleek with a bluish Gary color and a stand.

It delivers more smooth and fluid images with a high delivery time of 75Hz. This quality makes it the best gaming monitor under 200

Moreover, the flicker-free and lower blue light technologies will help provide a comfortable experience for your eyes.

  • Simple setup
  • High resolution
  • Flicker-free
  • Low blue light technology
  • Monitor stand is a little flimsy


All the monitors mentioned above are delivering the best features and offering great attributes. We have picked them for you after keen research and taking advice from our experts. All of them are from the list of best monitors for gaming under 200. All have unique features, but we all know that only one can be considered the best one.

We recommend Acer SB230 Bbix 23 inch Full HD monitor because of its specially designed features and relatively fewer cons. It is provided with an excellent screen resolution, higher response rate, good color contrast, great refreshing rate, and multiple input ports. It is portable, compact. You can mount it anywhere in your home or your office efficiently. Gamers refer to this monitor as the best gaming monitor under 200 and the best PC gaming monitor under 200.

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